Case studies

There is no doubt that PLACE LOGIC brings a new dimension to site analysis by promoting greater understanding of distribution of uses, movement and other factors that impact upon and could extend a location’s potential. 

PLACE LOGIC’s objective analysis, clear means of presentation and flexibility of delivery inform and incentivise stakeholders, consultants and planners, offering distinct benefits throughout the development process. A place is created where people want to live, work and visit.

This generated further debate on how a PLACE LOGIC study could best be presented to inform the planning process, at which point it became clear that its use as a dynamic tool would bring a new dimension to our stakeholder workshops. PLACE LOGIC has the potential to promote understanding, improve decision making and save time. 

Case Studies have been conducted by the University of Strathclyde, ADAM Urbanism and others to test the MCA research and assess the validity and effectiveness of the output. During the evaluation period, ADAM Urbanism revisited and tested the Leith masterplan which had already been approved by the local authority. Subsequently the MCA was used as a design tool in the development of the Aldershot masterplan to inform and confirm design decisions. These studies, amongst others, convinced us that the mathematical analysis and clear, data-rich mapping were beneficial in quantifying and explaining the relative qualities of development options.