Angondje Gabon, Africa




Future Scenario - Multiple Schemes

Key Objectives:

  • Overcoming site severance
  • Improving integration with Libreville
  • Creating a new well connected district

WSP approach

As Lead Consultant, The Princes Foundation for Building Community contracted WSP to use Place Logic to to facilitate a range of studies including local policy making, masterplanning and understanding the effects of significant alterations to networks.

PLACE LOGIC complements the transport modelling process, by providing an excellent precursor to a full blown transport model.

The opportunity

Angondje is a new urban extension on the northern edge of Libreville. With a proposed population well in excess of 100,000, it will be the largest single population growth area in Gabon, where it is seen as an opportunity to create a new district representing everything that Gabon aspires
to become.

Our contribution

The Princes Foundation challenged WSP to identify how the framework masterplan could best connect and engage communities by ensuring that:

  • Angondje was well integrated with the rest of Libreville‚Äôs existing infrastructure, and
  • the centre of each community within the masterplan area was directly linked to the other with a main street.

The outcome

The Street Activity maps (Figs 1-3) show:

  • Fig 2 analysis of the initial concept framework clarified the position of the proposed transport structure within the wider urban complexity. The diagrams were used for briefing purposes and informed necessary modifications.

  • Fig 3 analysis of the refined transport structure with an extended east-west grid. Two additonal links (A and B) were created to integrate better the network with the existing settlements and to disperse Street Activity on links with Libreville.