Nansledan, Newquay, Cornwall


ADAM Urbanism


Future Scenario - Single Scheme

The opportunity

ADAM Urbanism, working with the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community, are the masterplanners for Nansledan, a new mixed used urban extension to Newquay, Cornwall which will provide 3,750 new homes and a similar number of employment spaces. The objective is to create an exemplary mixed-use, sustainable extension to regenerate the local economy.

The existing north-south street pattern is restricted by a level crossing over the railway, causing significant network congestion. A primary objective is to provide a new north-south bridge over the railway so removing the level crossing, alleviating congestion and providing a more direct link east to the expanding Newquay Airport.

Our contribution

PLACE LOGIC was used to test alternative routing options to identify a solution that:

  • met the primary objective
  • maximised the collateral benefits to Nansledan and the whole Newquay area

The outcome

Figs. 1 & 2 Street Activity maps show:

  • there is a primary network which informs opportunities for mixed use development
  • the masterplan enables the exploration of opportunities for connections to the existing network to improves links to the town centre, the airport and the surrounding area

Figs. 3 & 4 Place Connectivity maps show:

  • the new district centre is located at the intersection of the proposed south-west to north-east and north-south routes
  • the masterplan provides an internally well-connected development