Sector: Design


PLACE LOGIC can aid the design process:

  • By optimising the performance of a site layout or masterplan
  • By ensuring the design responds to the existing street network
  • By informing the proposed spatial layout and street hierarchy
  • By providing guidance for land use and density 

The aim: To optimise the performance of a building or urban plan to enhance integration, coherence with land-uses, and capacity to adapt and evolve. 

The process: 

PLACE LOGIC measures Street Activity and Place Connectivity for an existing site and proposed design utilising GIS Mapping techniques at the scale of the site. By creating data-rich images, it can describe the intensity of connections, their likely intensity of use and their relationship with the surrounding area to optimise the performance of a masterplan. 

The process can be applied at successive stages during the design programme: at the stage of the initial site analysis, during the conceptual stage, and at detail design stage. It demonstrates the optimum distribution of movement patterns, density and land-use. 

Added value: PLACE LOGIC is a dynamic tool at different scales, with the potential to rapidly test masterplan options and alternatives to inform the design process and provide clear illustrations for presentations. 

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