Sector: Planning


PLACE LOGIC is a valuable aid in planning decisions:

  • By illustrating historical evolution and analysing the current situation
  • By supporting decisions about land use and density
  • By testing alternative planning strategies and their impact
  • By influencing the location of key facilities and public transport infrastructure

The aim: To facilitate strategic decision-making at a neighbourhood, town or regional scale. 

The process: 

PLACE LOGIC measures Street Activity and Place Connectivity for development plans, evaluating existing and proposed movement patterns and land use distribution. 

PLACE LOGIC can perform a connections analysis to test the insertion of new connections (bridges, roads) or redevelopment of underperforming linkages, which can be used to forecast the performance of a proposed transport plan. 

Added value: PLACE LOGIC is a useful aid in understanding how places function and forecasting the merits of alternative development options. Its easy-to-understand graphics can be used to justify and market a chosen strategy to wider audiences.

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