What is the Multi Centrality Assessment (MCA)?

The MCA is an active planning application that analyses networks using Geographic Information Systems mapping to illustrate the spatial qualities of urban systems including streets, squares and buildings. The results are presented as maps, on a scale and level of detail that can be varied to meet different requirements.

The MCA has been developed by a multi-disciplinary team led by Professor Sergio Porta of the University of Strathclyde in close association with École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics and other academic institutions.

Their research has been documented in a number of papers, here are the most important:

Porta, S. Romice, O., 2014,
Plot-Based Urbanism. Towards Time-Consciousness in Place-Making , in Mäckler, C. Sonne, W. (eds.), “Dortmund Lectures on Civic Art/Dortmunder Vorträge zur Stadtbaukunst”, vol. 4, Niggli, Sulgen, DE.
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Porta, S, Strano, E, Venerandi, A, Adam, R, Romice, O, Pasino, P & Bianchi, G., 2013,
Centrality and Place-Making: Understanding and Designing Mixed Use Streets in Professional Masterplanning in Urban Design , no. 125, pp. 12-14.
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Strano, E., Nicosia, V., Latora, V., Porta, S., & Barthelemy, M., 2012, Elementary processes governing the evolution of road networks , Scientific Reports, 2, [296] doi: 10.1038/srep00296.
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Porta, S. Latora, V. Crucitti, P., 2012, The Network Analysis of Urban Streets: A Primal Approach , in Thrift, N. Barnes, T. Peck, J. (eds), “Environment and Planning”, Sage, London.
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Porta, S., Latora, V., & Strano, E., 2010, Networks in Urban Design: six years of research in Multiple Centrality Assessment , in E. Estrada, M. Fox, D. Higham, & G. L. Oppo (Eds.), Network science: complexity in nature and technology (pp. 107-130). London, UK: Springer.
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Porta, S. Latora, Wang, V. Rueda, F. Strano, E. Scellato, S. Cardillo, A. Belli, E. Cardenas, F. Cormenzana, B. Latora, L., 2011, Street Centrality and the Location of Economic Activities in Barcelona , in Urban Studies, May 2012; vol. 49, 7: pp. 1471-1488.
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